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120 - 1 Hour
180 - 2 Hours
280 - Half Day
480 - Day Rate

Typical Expenses:

Mileage at 40p per mile ( + parking at cost )
London Congestion Charge ( 11.50 where applicable )
Electronic transfer by Dropbox or WeTransfer ( 5.00 )


Graham Fudger owns all copyrights, and grants usage rights to the commissioning client. Useage rights may not be transferred or sold
without Graham Fudger's written consent.


A selection of images are sent electronically to the client by the end of the next working day. Image files are supplied as JPEG's which open up to 50-80 Megabytes on screen (or smaller, if the required output size is less than A4)


All payment terms are strictly 30 days net.
Credit accounts are limited to 2,000, with extensions available upon request.

(C) Graham Fudger holds all copyrights ( and this site is fully compliant with Schedule 2 Part 5 Article 26 of the Data Protection Act 2018 )
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